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Ferrara - London
Founded by Andrea Chiarelli (03/06/1987), Enrico Ferraresi (11/09/1987) and Gabriella Romito (04/05/1987), Sedicigradi is a young and dynamic design focused studio, working internationally on a wide range of projects, both new build and within the context of historic buildings, at all scales, from private homes to masterplans, from initial concept to completion. We always strive to combine innovation and research with a professional completeness, capable of responding to complex programs at any scale, aware of the responsibility to the city and society, the environment and economic cycle of growth and re-use. We are equally local and global – our interest in nowadays global sensible topics are combined with a design rooted in a deep understanding and sense of place to create architectures uniquely tailored to their contexts. Our approach is holistic - each project is developed by fully coordinated multidisciplinary teams.
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