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solar park south - parco solare sud
Scilla (RC) Bagnara (RC) - classified
The highway is a window on the landscape that portrays the radiography of a territory and tells about it. The switch to a slower pace and the great landscape role of the imposing infrastructures represents the occasion to rediscover and show a list of facts encountered on the way. The project for the park propose new connections between the landscape, the woods and the infrastructures; energetic/agricultural fields; physical/visual links; paths/tracks. Micro-infrastructures support local trips and condense this 10-km highway stretch into a boulevard, giving back the territory to the locals and transforming it into a landscape manifesto. The project transversally enlarges the vision on the territory, from the sea to the hinterland. 9 landscape rooms are identified and calibrated according to the peculiarity of each valley, taking into account historical landscape, specialist cultures, built-up areas, energy production.