Kalamon 11, 11147, Athens, Greece.
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New York - selected
Celebrating Sukkot in the inner city constitutes a challenge in terms of its preparation process. Even though the form of the city sukkah might resembles that of the original sukkahs of the desert, its preparation is based on totally different elements. In the boundaries of the city no fruits are gathered from any trees as the harvest has already taken place far away. Citron, myrtle and the fruit of the palm tree, three of the Four Species are unlikely to be found. Harvest in the city context loses its original meaning. Instead of a collective process it becomes a symbol, a meaningful word, a memory. All the above generate the challenge of bringing about the elements of the actual preparation process which has substituted that of the harvest. In the boundaries of the city context fruits and roots, branches and leaves are all concentrated and provided in the same way. The different ways of gathering are substituted by the same simpli