Kongresni trg 3
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office-commercial complex
venezia-marghera - first prize
The main units for managerial use are in the arch and the lamels and the bridge in front of the arch. Offices are distributed in the both towers and the lower bridge. In the upper bridge pool with gym is located. The entry for public is from the entry plaza to the glass connection where central porters lodge is located. Also two separate entrances directly to both towers are possible for selected visitors and management. The both units are independent with its own access and vertical connections. They offer possibility of connections on different levels: the top of the arch through the bridge of the pool, the lower bridge through café and lower pool and on the ground floor through the shared space with receptor. The volumes are flexible and program can be shifted on different ways offering users to change capacity, areas and programmes. design team: rok oman, spela videcnik, katja aljaz, andrej gregoric, javi carrera