Kongresni trg 3
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football stadium
maribor - first prize
The project is a result of the competition that was won in 1998 (coauth. multiplan arhitekti) and is under construction due to 2007. The plot that is currently used as a multi-functional sport field is located in the centre of the city. In the sixties a small tribune was build along one site of the field that was covered with concrete arched roof. The brief was to convert the field into a football stadium and extend the existing building with covered tribunes (For 12.000 spectators, VIP and press facilities) and additional public programme such as 4 big gymnasiums, fitness-club with swimming pools, shops and restaurants. The project proposed a ring of tribunes weaving above enclosed base with public programs. The lowest and the highest point of the tribunes are defined by the quality of the view of the spectator.