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shopping roof apartments
Bohinjska Bistrica - invited
The initial task from the client was to build a new shopping mall on the plot of the existing one. Furthermore the new project proposed use of the shopping roof for additional volume-as new apartments. The wooden mass is located centrally in the village of Bohinjska Bistrica in the alpine area of Lake Bohinj. The stepped volume follows the silhouette of surrounding mountains and allowing the neighboring buildings to keep views to the north. On top of the shopping mall apartments are set in the form of stepped L-volume. From the west strong wind and snow arrives – the facade is opened only towards enclosed balconies. L-shape volume encloses inner communal garden that is the roof of the shopping mall. Wood and slate as traditional materials are used for facades and the roof. Play of transparency formed by wooden verticals that form balcony fences, facade panels or mask characterizes the north and south part of the building. On the east a