Poljanska cesta 6, 1000 Ljubljana
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Type: Commission | Size: 5.882 m2 | Client: Condor Real d.o.o. | Year: 2007 | Status: On hold | Project team: Dean Lah, Milan Tomac, Natasa Mrkonjic, Telma Margarida Dias, Zana Volk Starovic, Nebojsa Vertovsek, Marko Volf | Vila Viktorija is an existing villa which, according to the Municipal Spatial Planning Act, could be transformed into a hotel. It is located by the lake, in the middle of a green area that was once a beautifully designed park. As it is too small for any kind of public use, it was necessary to increase the surface area. These new surfaces were added in an organizationally very radical way: they were are all put below the level of the terrain, dug in. On the slope ramains a predominantly green park surface. Thus the users have contact with the exterior, while from the lake the object appears to be simply a park layout.