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Hortus Mytilus
Taranto - selected
The project, part of the event Public Scape Taranto, transforms the space of the renovated ancient Cloister of Sant’ Antonio, through an artistic installation that claims a new environmental awareness. The plastic nets used for the local mussels farms are one of the most polluting waste along the Apulian coasts. They are often thrown into the see, falling on the seabed, stifling and transforming it into an arid place where the fauna creates its own habitat. Hortus Mytilus declares that problem through the reinterpretation of recycled nets. A regular grid of columns punctuates the cloister, a sequence of light net tubes floats in the air, creating transparencies and overlaps. It becomes an artificial garden that invites the visitors to cross it, observe it and play with it. A new symbolic public space for the city of Taranto.