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As.In.O. - Asilo Innovativo con Orto
Selargius, (CA) - first prize
The project is strongly influenced by the observation of the current material context and by the study of the historical one. More specifically, a decline of the urban form has been detected in the latest expansions of Selargius, therefore the project tries to propel a reflection around the practice of making cities through the study of the traditional local typologies. The layout is based on the model of the double courtyard house typical of the Campidano meridionale area. The plot is wrapped by a perimetral wall behind which the canopies and fronds of the trees pop up raising the magic and mysterious aura of the hortus conclusus. The kindergarten, just like the house of the traditional typology, splits the plot in two sections: the wider one hosts the botanical garden while a slimmer strip is dedicated to the children. The structure is formally generated by the perimetral enclosure that folds and articulates the inner spaces.