Via Annibale Passaggi 3, 16131 - Genova
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Genova, Italy - second prize
The proposal shows the characteristics of a contemporary memorial. In addition to performing its primary function, that is, triggering a reflection on the theme in observers through photos or text, the memorial also becomes a device enjoyable by the community in order to implement rehabilitation processes. So a monument can ceases to be an object to be observed, there isn't only an emotional relationship between the observer and the piece anymore, but it becomes an element which can interact directly with the people. A coloured concrete memorial is a support for a picture and a text, it is an object where you can sit, lie down and socialize. The project invites you to think about the Italian terrorism in the Seventies and the powers that it had fought against such as culture, work, the State, public order and the press. Five locations were chosen to define itself as a civil diffuse memorial.