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The other side - Den andre siden
Kristiansand - mentioned
A blooming hub The future Kristiansand cultural hub is conceived as a composition of different elements tangent to an open and public field. The former grain silo will vertically overlap the NT Collection and the SKMU, the Cultural School will horizontally activate the site, a public garden will float over it. The hearth of the new cultural quarter is a floating landscape, a lyric place sensitive to seasons and flows. The constellation of indoor/ outdoor spaces, with the plastic silo's fa├žade as a scene, will function as a green house, investigating on the notions of artificial and natural environment. The mitigated climate will allow people to enjoy the space during the winter. The complex as a whole will benefit from the chimney effect creating a natural ventilation system. On the bottom an intense collage of rooms support to the different forms of art creation and open to the views of the passer-by.