Via Mura F. Comandini 2
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Urban canvas
Kragero - second prize
Our proposal, the urban painting, aims to give this area an identity of its own and to allow the identity of Kragerø to be expressed. We see the use of public space as a creative, unpredictable, enriching act, which our proposal would set the stage for. Our painting is made up of two elements, the Canvas and the Frame. The origami like surface of the canvas is a pure square of 35m. Its simple form and orientation smooth over the unusable parts of the existing streetscape, connecting the two highest points of the church area. Its shape welcomes people and creates an independent and adaptive island, a potential space ready to be colonized by the inhabitants. It is a performative platform ready for special events and the rituals of everyday life alike. The frame is an expression and development of the existing fence, becoming a walkway around the church and projecting out over the road below.