San Marco 2504, 30124 Venice, Italy
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Out of Scale
Cascais - mentioned
Then suddenly the Portuguese castle came into my mind as a place where to stay protected from the enemy; a unique place for knowledge. For this reason “the glorious central and single space” becomes a magic place, a beautiful secret garden, where palms and sculptures stand together expressing their beauty. Those protected-by-wind palms become a unique scenario that has to be discovered through different shades of intimacy within the exterior wall. A boundary which is not only a limit and something that divides what is inside from what is outside but a physical occasion, where the functional program can be expressed. “The shapes of the record of their making” are fixed in a volume which follows the existing rules of materiality, shape and geometry. The new appears as a natural consequence of the old, extending the concept of protection. Then the “order” turns to giant proportions to bear the heaviness of a desert landscape.