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Fael Khair School-Cum-Shelter in Bangladesh
Bangladesh - third prize
The architectural concept is based on three basic principles: a school that provides good conditions for learning and studding during normal weather conditions; a sure place, shelter during cyclone surges; Contemporary vision of Islamic culture and architecture. Therefore we started to combine design rationality concerning school program, Engineering logics concerning safety and structural stability, especially from cyclone surges and geometrical esthetics of traditional Islamic and 20 century Bangladesh architecture which is represented in the work of (L.Kahn, Muzharul Islam, Bashirrul Haq). ***1. School exposed to wind force. 2. School with its arched plan so the force of the wind becomes reduced and tangents the external wall. 3. Crescent Moon symbol of islam and humanity. 4. Crescent Moon forms a full circle when closed. 5. Combining all these elements we get the building as a final result. 6. The flag of Bangladesh