Kongresni trg 3
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villa "old oaks"
Ljubljana - invited
The private client convoked a proper architectural competition for five invited offices, the idea being to choose an architect for his new residence. The residence is situated in a new neighbourhood of six larger villas. The unique feature of the site is a splendid view of a stand of oak trees that are over a hundred years old. The terrain slopes down towards these trees. To guarantee that most of the major spaces will have access to this view, the house is organised in stepped levels following the terrain. The outline of the house keeps to the shape of the plot of land, minus four metres all around, the minimum distance Slovenian law calls for vis-à-vis one’s neighbours. The heart of the house is an external covered courtyard. Main spaces such as the entrance lobby and staircase, the children’s playroom, the dining, living, bedroom and work areas overlook this space.