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Children’s Home in Nosy Be
Hell Ville - Nosy Be - invited
Giovanna per il Madagascar Onlus is an NPO assisting children affected by diabetes and limb malformations in Nosy Be. The NGO is undertaking a new mission to help abandoned children, providing them a home. The project of a children’s home for 36 kids, located in a plot in the outskirts of Hell Ville, has been initially outlined by the will of defining an open court with the two existing buildings. The children’s home is composed by a slab hosting two dormitories equipped with toilet facilities, the nurse’s rooms, the infirmary, and the kitchen. Two avant-corps host the dining hall and a multipurpose room defining a covered open space that works as a backdrop in continuity with the open court. All the interior spaces are accessible from this colonnaded space that is equipped with a lowered area for sitting and gathering in order to foster the vitality of a plaza. Construction underway.