Via Annibale Passaggi 3, 16131 - Genova
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Tallin, Estonia - finalist
The central idea for AVAMAA 2012 is to create a temporary “village” or camp, called Moksville, out of affordable recyclable and locally sourced materials. Like every village or temporary community was asked to prepare the site, develop a social atmosphere, range of activities that would give it life, and then build the structures that would give it a physical form. MoKS playground is a multipurpose structure, to change the local flow of action, in order to have different situations hither and thither, to explore and discover the place throughout the whole day. Moks playgroung is more than a table: it’s the place for a convivial meal, a playful entertainment, a multimedial support, a comfortable shelter. With: PrePostNeo, Luca Raffo