Via Annibale Passaggi 3, 16131 - Genova
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Genova, Italy
Skené s.f. (in the ancient Greek σκηνη) a three-dimensional structure which formed part of the stage or set (cfr. Oxford Dictionaries). Skené is a micro-architecture able to set itself up and occupy empty small spaces inside the Buranello Civic Centre. The design consists in a modular and flexible element which, thanks to various forms and arrangements, wants to give a new functionality to the inner and outside spaces of the civic centre architecture. Characterized by a strong visual identity, Skené can fulfill numerous functions adding new configurations to the existing possibility of the space, such as: co-working and workshop workstations, events and a lot more, in particular the whole activities that can involve and encourage the cultural and social sharing. With: Piccola Bottega della Grafica, Chiara Centanaro.