Via Annibale Passaggi 3, 16131 - Genova
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2 Houses
Q-House: complete renovation of a detached house on the heights of the Tigullio headland. According to the common typology of ligurian territory, the disposition, today, presents the entrance to the living on the first floor and the whole sleeping area on the ground floor. The client request was to completely overturn the interior layout.The stairs has been considered as an essential element of the project and has been designed ad-hoc as a storage device made by concrete and wood. T-House: The apartment renovation claimed the designing of customised piece of furniture able to host the main living functions (kitchen, sideboards, closets, etc.) and characterise and organise the space. The living area and the bedroom, as the bathroom, are separated by this main device which hide the whole kitchen area and locate small room where you can access in the bathroom. The space is conceive as a dynamic, bright and adaptable living room.