Via Annibale Passaggi 3, 16131 - Genova
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Epiciclo - AAA architetticercasi 2015
Pescara - first prize
EPICICLO means centrality, discovery and meeting, held by a ring open to the outside and comfortable in its inside. It enhances an equipped verdant island different from the outer vegetation in which the building finds its right place. It alternates open and closed spaces, public and private ones, spots of community life and moments of privacy. It's the junction between cultures and different way of living, youth and wisdom, wild nature and human activities. EPICICLO materialises, into the contemporary Zeitgeist, the main assumption of the Modern Movement : " the machine for living in". Far from the unsuccessful proposition of Modernism that missed the realisation of it's saving mission not providing all the complementary services that every citizen claim for, EPICICLO builds its complex system around the public space introducing the idea of the "discovery beyond the corner". With: CIRCOLO-A