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At the urban level, the project proposes to imagine Silokaia as a decompression space both for the new densification of Kanalbyen and for the whole city of Kristiansand. As a matter of fact the public spaces of Kanalbyen, being enclosed by apartment buildings, have a rather introspective and intimate configuration. Another feature of the urban scape lies in its linear articulation on the seafront and on the new canal. The structuring of a cultural district in Silokaia gives the opportunity to provide the city with a lively infrastructure: a plaza facing south, stage for urbanity, representation and appropriation that establishes a link between Kvadraturen and Kanalbyen. For what concerns the museum, in order to keep a wide open space, well calibrated according to the surroundings, and to conceive the SKMU-NT museum as an autonomous building, it has been condensed mostly within the Silo, trying to exploit all of its potential.